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racial bias

Self-Worth can blossom - or be destroyed - in the classroom

on Fri, 2016-12-30 14:31

As an inspired teacher and now Director of Education at Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Dena Simmons teaches us so much, especially about what we thought we 'knew.'  Congratulations on your TED talk live at Town Hall I was lucky enough to attend last fall that's already been viewed by over 450,000 people. My New Year's hope and prayer: your incredible talk (and walk,too, by the way!) might transform hundreds of thousands children's lives. 

December 2016

About Time to Deal with Unconscious Bias?

on Wed, 2016-09-14 07:21

Congratulations to Leniece Flowers Brissett, author of this piece, who so clearly describes a problem we need solved now.