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Grants in 2017

on Thu, 2017-11-16 01:58

In the past year Principle Quest foundation supported a number of exciting initiatives, and I am thankful for the important work accomplished by these organizations. I have the privilege of overseeing these grants, small in size, yet huge in impact for the girls and women given education, encouragement and training.

Council for Economic Education (CEE)

Girls Who Invest

Grab the Torch

Grace Institute

National Coalition of Girls Schools / Westover School


Project Basta

STRIVE International

Virtual Enterprises International (VEI)

William Patterson University

World of Money

Besides these grants, Principle Quest Foundation hosted two retreats this year, for ten women each, a 'Tiime to Think' for these women who are forging a path forward with courage, persistence, talent and heart.


Last retreat in 2017

on Tue, 2017-11-07 01:54

This past weekend, ten women gathered for the 11th Principle Quest retreat.

Next year will include two more retreats in April and November.

Best Birthday Ever!

on Mon, 2017-10-16 23:03

My birthday that was the best ever! My family, my beloved, and the family of Principle Quest-ers -- I owe you the world. THANK YOU! The presentation of the crystal plaque - wow! and the shadow box with your sentiments - all tough to take in in one breath, much less one day or weekend! You Principle Quest-ers are incredible! I felt so lucky to celebrate with you and to dance and connect. Everyone in one huge, joyful bash!


How To Turn Failure Into Resilience?

on Fri, 2017-10-06 16:19

This fascinating article turns the concept of failure on its head – so we can soar past fear and discover resilience! SPANX founder & CEO, Sara Blakely, describes the best advice she ever got in seven words. I especially love this article for what it says also about conversations between parent and child!