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About Time to Deal with Unconscious Bias?

on Wed, 2016-09-14 07:21

Congratulations to Leniece Flowers Brissett, author of this piece, who so clearly describes a problem we need solved now.

Support for Scenarios USA Gala

on Wed, 2016-06-08 23:09

Last evening, June 7, what a treat to have the most unusual chance to hear teenagers' stories, expressed in film. These films break your heart, lift your spirits, give you hope for our future – all in one film. Also, how fitting Scenarios USA honored Dena Simmons, who has been a leading advocate for student engagement, safety, EQ, and supports the important work of Scenarios USA in classrooms around the country. 

Photo by Ryan Lash


Virtual Enterprises International: Experiential Education At Its Best!

on Mon, 2016-02-22 16:44

What students learn when they participate in Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) is extraordinary and well beyond the usual 'jug to mug' economics classroom fare. Principle Quest Foundation gave a modest donation to this entity whose reach is now 500 secondary and post-secondary schools nationwide, serving over 12,000 students annually. Founded in 1996, VEI is an amazing addition to a school's curriculum. I have been honored to be a judge twice in competitions where we witness just how talented students can be when and if given a chance in the 'real' world!

Hunter Celebrates Early Suffrage Movement

on Sun, 2016-01-17 20:24

Last week I joined many other Hunter alumna (including one from the class of '46!) to marvel at the ingenuity, passion and commitment of the early leaders in the suffrage movement. Inspiring and fun! President Jennifer Raab, Congreswoman Carolyn Maloney and other prominent New Yorkers, told fascinating stories and reminded us of how hard this path toward equality can be!

Ninth retreat is November 18-20, 2016

on Mon, 2015-06-15 11:29

What makes a group of ten women coming together so magical? First and most importantly, individual motivation, namely, an intuitive sense that something is drawing you to attend. Second, a truly diverse group of women, not just a token young person or token woman of color, not just one from each socioeconomic background, but three or four at least, representing every type of difference! 

If you are interested, take a look at the goals of the retreat, and if the idea appeals, you can inquire directly here and /or complete the application on line. 

What Exactly Creates Value in a Network?

on Sat, 2015-01-31 15:23

What makes a network work? What does a community – either gender or affinity based – need to be of lasting value? This blog details 7 steps to creating a network, examining why the 'old boys' club' is so strong – and highly frustrating for women. What lessons might you take away and begin to use in your own networks in a new and more courageous way.

Is Courage What's Needed Or Men's Willingness to Change?

on Sun, 2014-04-06 14:19

Read about the challenges women face in the world of tech:

Question: Should a woman get out in protest or become the boss and change this toxic culture from within?


Double Standards Revealed in One Minute

on Wed, 2013-12-11 23:01

Amazing that a video can show exactly what the problems are in just one minute! How might we resolve these issues? What can each of us do today to change this?

I Mourn the Passing of My Dear Friend Feminism

on Sat, 2013-11-16 12:21

Would "Feminism's heart be broken if she were alive today?" Are we capable of turning around this culture before we crash? When we crash into the inevitable results of our hypersexualized and misogynistic culture, who will we turn to then? Wendy MacGregor delivers a disturbing eulogy.


The Power of Vulnerability

on Wed, 2013-03-06 13:08

This may not be news from today's media, yet the question of what gives meaning to our lives is newsworthy, right?  According to Dr. Brene Brown, what gives meaning to life is connection. All too often what prevents connection is the "I'm not good enough." This TED talk is powerful and was certainly life changing for me.