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The Principle Quest Foundation supports innovative education and creative mentoring programs for girls and women. Created in 2012 by Charlotte Beyer, the foundation also holds retreats twice a year to discover new and better ways of empowering and mentoring women of all ages. Grants are made to 501(c)(3) organizations whose activities and programs actively support the foundation’s mission.

A focus on girls and women is urgent because the impact to our society when they are stereotyped or marginalized is significant.  First, the media sends a toxic message to young girls, showing images of highly charged sexuality that are emulated by girls everywhere and even worse, accepted by parents as just the way it is. Later, as young women join the work force, they often must choose between a family and a career. Our society and our economy can gain measurable benefits when there are more women leaders and greater diversity in the corporate, academic and civic arenas.

After a 20 year career on Wall Street, Charlotte Beyer, founded the Institute for Private Investors in 1991, and as a mother and grandmother, she understands first hand the balancing act many women deal with every day. Her earliest philanthropic efforts funded scholarships at the Westover School, an all girls school in CT where she is currently a lifetime trustee. Charlotte is the suthor of Wealth Management Unwrapped, a tangible legacy of her 40 year career in financial services and currently serves on the global association board of 100 Women in Finance, the CFA Institute's Financial Analysts Seminar Board of Regents, and the CFP Board's WIN Advisory Panel.