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women getting ahead

'Put Your Head Down and Charge' Mickie Siebert's legacy

on Tue, 2013-08-27 15:27

 Mickie Siebert, whom I was privileged to know, and learn from, was deeply committed to helping other women succeed. At our first meeting several years ago, she thrust her card into my hand and said, "Call me, we should have breakfast!" She said this with such ugency, I called immediately and over a breakfast, I learned of her fight to have a financial literacy curriculum adopted in the publc schools. 

Here is one woman's very practical list of just what she learned from Mickie. We all can learn a great deal from this legendary woman whose life and career transformed Wall Street.

Are senior women leaning out..or being pushed out?

on Sat, 2013-08-24 12:04

It is hard to find out! The numbers in this April 2013 government study show just a tiny percentage decrease of senior women on Wall Street (30 to 28%). This study could not discern why and said so. So...we are left with questions. What is the culture we seek at firms? Who will be creating this culture if women are not inside the firms at a high level? How can firms gain diversity of thought, gender and backgrounds if their appeal to graduates and MBA's is slipping?

Lean In? To What Exactly?

on Sun, 2013-03-10 23:24

I must confess sometimes I feel wholly inadequate for this task of actually changing the world. This past week, Sheryl Sandberg took her Lean In message to Wall Street (what a coincidence, also FaceBook's main underwriters). The message: Women have not been leaning in enough!@?#! Thank goodness Jody Greenstone Miller wrote this article in yesterday's WSJ stating the obvious:

"Many great women don't want to lean in because they don't like the world they are being asked to lean into."