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Time to Think

Final retreat for this year

on Sat, 2014-10-04 18:53

The 5th Principle Quest retreat will be held in mid November, and next year we plan two more. Ten women attend to take a deeper dive into self-reflection and clarifying the principles they wish to live by. When these women return to the real world, they bring a higher level of consciousness to choices they make each and every day. Time to Think by Nancy Kline is the prereading and says it all. The answers are so often inside ourselves if only we had the time to think!

Time to Think

on Tue, 2014-04-15 15:04

Nancy Kline gave us a gift when she wrote Time to Think, and if you have not read it, here is a precis to whet your appetite:

Time To Think  by Nancy Kline

A Model for Us

Since November 2013 retreat participants receive this book as pre reading, so I include a very abbreviated version of learnings from the book here:

We have the answers inside ourselves and do not really need or benefit so much from even well intentioned advice.

We may need some one to listen to us, giving us the time to think for ourselves.

We may need someone to ask us incisive questions so we can slowly but surely

Where'd that Money Go?

on Wed, 2014-01-01 15:53

A Report from the Principle Quest Foundation

Five grants may have been modest in size, and to paraphrase Mother Teresa, I hope these were small acts of great meaning for the women of all ages!

1. Hunter College's mentoring program has been successfully operating for several years.  Pairing Hunter alumnae/i with Hunter students, the program requires an essay to apply for acceptance into the program, and thus students are highly motivated, all of them eager to learn about a chosen industry or profession.