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Principle Quest Gathering During Summer Daze

on Fri, 2017-08-04 19:03

Those who've been on a retreat, and guests considering a retreat, participated in experiential (of course!) formats with the theme of 'Staying Strong.'

Where'd that Money Go?

on Wed, 2014-01-01 15:53

A Report from the Principle Quest Foundation

Five grants may have been modest in size, and to paraphrase Mother Teresa, I hope these were small acts of great meaning for the women of all ages!

1. Hunter College's mentoring program has been successfully operating for several years.  Pairing Hunter alumnae/i with Hunter students, the program requires an essay to apply for acceptance into the program, and thus students are highly motivated, all of them eager to learn about a chosen industry or profession.

How Might Unseen Barriers Be Overcome?

on Fri, 2013-09-06 10:07

How might a corporate culture tackle these unseen barrier to women rising in the corporation? Three academics suggest solutions after first stunning the reader with just how deeply ingrained and intractable these barriers are.