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Did We Need More Proof?

on Sun, 2014-01-19 16:00

Our unconscious, or conscious, biases that view boys differently than girls will take time to alter. Perhaps reading this oped and examining the evidence will speed up the process!

Fun and Games with Girls

on Tue, 2013-11-26 18:09

Girls' toy company GoldieBlox has removed a parody sung to the Beastie Boys song "Girls" after complaints from the band. But you can view it, with a different tune! Roughly a week ago, the company posted a YouTube promotion with a re-recorded, rewritten version of the song sung by a trio of girls as they set a complex Rube Goldberg machine into motion.

My favorite is the three girls' expressions watching the 'pink' commercial on TV.

I Mourn the Passing of My Dear Friend Feminism

on Sat, 2013-11-16 12:21

Would "Feminism's heart be broken if she were alive today?" Are we capable of turning around this culture before we crash? When we crash into the inevitable results of our hypersexualized and misogynistic culture, who will we turn to then? Wendy MacGregor delivers a disturbing eulogy.


What's Wrong With This Picture?!

on Thu, 2013-02-21 10:54

In just the past 24 hours news: Victoria's Secret captivates teens and younger, Playboy lessens level of smut, and McKinsey tries to lure back Moms.

At least one Victoria's Secret model is asking the appropriate questions, asking what exactly are we telling young girls today?