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gender diversity

Women Outnumber Men at the NYSE!

on Mon, 2016-12-19 19:38

At least for the closing bell ritual of the NYSE, we upended the historic ratio of men to women. 100 Women in Finance celebrated our 15th anniversary and our name change as membership reaches 15,000+ globally!

Are senior women leaning out..or being pushed out?

on Sat, 2013-08-24 12:04

It is hard to find out! The numbers in this April 2013 government study show just a tiny percentage decrease of senior women on Wall Street (30 to 28%). This study could not discern why and said so. So...we are left with questions. What is the culture we seek at firms? Who will be creating this culture if women are not inside the firms at a high level? How can firms gain diversity of thought, gender and backgrounds if their appeal to graduates and MBA's is slipping?

Start-Ups Led By Women Do Better

on Fri, 2012-10-05 12:09

The more women are in charge, the more successful the company, so says a new study "Women at the Wheel," a study of 20,000 companies.